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Date: November 1939

            The Call

The train was speeding fast away
From this great land of pioneers
And as it bore me far from home
My eyes began to fill with tears.

The burden suddenly increased
As nearing to my destination
I knew that here for nine months long
I would be at this lonely station.

At first all things went fairly well
For every thing was new to me.
But after I was well acquainted
Something kept me from feeling free.

At nights when all my work was done
I'd lay my weary soul to rest
But sleep was often interrupted
By haunting dreams of my dear past.

Sometimes while in a sleepy doze
I’d hear the old familar sound
Of fir trees swaying back and forth
By passing winds which northward bound.

I’d get up in this dreary hour,
And see the moon and stars shine bright
And one could see for miles and miles
Without a blessed tree in sight.

And other times while in a dream
I’d hear a voice from in the north
So softly calling me by name
And to the homeward way go forth.

And so one night no sleep would come
My heart must surely this time break
But then a feeling overcame
And I my life did lay at stake.

I made a vow to that strange call
Which haunted me in mystery
I promised then with all my heart
To answer it, but first my duty.

And now I work and sleep with ease
As any other person does
And so this thing of mystery
Knows well I will not double-cross.

And now I wait for that dear hour
When my strange quest will come to end
For then my footsteps will turn back
And answer that call from the far northland.


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