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Date: January 1st 1919
Ralph Tilburt

Jan th 1 1919

dear Bro

I recived your kind and welcome passol to day and was Pleased to get it I found every thing But the money Some times I though you dident Put any money in the Passol at all and Some times I think you did But never mine I will Soon Be home I think we Will move Soon So dont send nothing More only letters Well I am glad to heer that Bro Richard Was doing Well I got a letter from Bro [?] I hear he has got a restront he told Me to go to see him When I get home Well I think I will have to keep traveling to see all of My Brothers and Sisters I think I will have to go all over the world again I think I have traveled over to one country to Minnie What do you think I will go to see you When I get Back I will have to spend all of my money traveling I think I Will Never come Back to france again Well there isent much more news so I will close for this time so good bye

Rite soon
from Bro
Pte Ralph Tilburt

31 coy
Reg 2364224

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Original Scans