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Date: November 5th 1918
Brother - (William Tilburt)
Ralph Tilburt

[envelope addressed to “Mr Wm Tilburt, Shackleton, Sask, PO 75”]

No 1

Nov th 5 1918

dear Bro

Just a few lines to let you know that your Parcle reach here all righ and was very glad to recive it Well  Bro we have summer Wheather here yet but I hear there was very cold weather in canada and lots of snow Well it is raining here tonight but there isent no snow here Well Bro I often think of home you know the Person that made song home sweet home is right Well Bro I cut my foot last week and it is so lonesome siting around I don’t know What to do Well Bro I suppose richard is With you yet Well Bro it will be some day when we get to gether Again Well my Brother in law is Well he went to see his mother in England I gess he had a good time When he was home Well they want him to go and stay with them They only get too dollars and a half Wheek that is some Wages, isent it Well Bro I whouldent stay on this side of the water nothing on this side of the water good Enought for me Well Bro I hope this war will soon be over so I can get home again Well I here from leah nearly every Wheek so I always have a letter to answer Well Well Bro Richard dident think Much about the [?] did he Well Bro I think I Will have to ring off for this time so bye bye

Rite soon sooner give my best regards to Bro richard so bye all from

Pte R Tilburt

31 coy
reg 2304224

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