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Date: 1945
Mother - (Florence Grace Gray)
John Teaton Gray

A.B. John T. Gray
V50267, H.M.C.S Huron
c/o G.P.O, London, Eng

Dear mother,

I recieved a letter from you not so long ago, and I am about to answer. I just returned from a spot of leave in Bristol. I visited both Aunt Nance and Lil and they were both in A-1 health.

I had some pictures of myself taken, but they won’t arrive for a couple of weeks. I will send you some when they arrive.

I expect to move again quite soon, but I am not certain when or where. I hope I will not go East without visiting Canada first. I may go though without warning any time.

It looks as if Germany is just about through over here doesn’t it. It can’t happen any too soon to suit this little chicken.

I recieved a letter from Dalhousie University saying that they would take me if I got up my french. I took that at high but I did not write it on Martix. I am going to take a Can. Legion course on it.

I have decided to study Political Science instead of law as it will prepare me for a political career much better than law would. Also it doesn’t take as long. I can hardly wait to get started.

Perhaps I should warn you that I plan on taking unto myself a wife within the next two years. That’s quite definite, I have decided that I can’t expect any girl to wait until I finish college so I will take the big step before. I know that you won’t approve but it has to be done. You know the old saying nothing ventured, nothing gained. We’ll make out O.K. anyhow.

I wrote a birthday letter to “pop” a while back, and I bet he was surprised. Its the first letter I ever wrote to him. I found it a bit awkward finding what to say. I don’t suppose that he will answer.

England is decked out in all its spring finery now. I suppose you would get homesick if I attempted to describe it so I won’t. The weather is swell.

If you have time, I would appreciate it if you would purchase me a supply of shorts. Send a good lot, if you can get any small enough. I have a very small waist (28 inches) anything above 29 or 30 would be absolutely out of the question. If you can’t get any that small, don’t bother with it.

Well, I think I should close now and get to sleep. I do sleep once in a while. Bye now, take good care of yourself.

Your prodigal son


[Editor’s note: The letter’s year was dated based on written content.]

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