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Date: 1945
Father - (Robert Michael Gray)
John Teaton Gray

A.B. John T. Gray
V50267 H.M.CS Huron
c/o G.P.O. London, Eng.

Dear father,

This is no doubt a bit of a surprise to you, as our correspondence so far has been rather limited. I have an excellent reason for writing to you though. You see, this letter should arrive about the time of your birthday and we can’t get birthday cards here so I have to write in order to wish you a happy birthday.

I don’t know for sure how soon I will be home again, but it should be this spring or early summer. I would like to arrive in June or July because the weather is good then. I could do with a dish of fresh strawberries too. I haven’t had any now for two years, and thats a long time when you’re in the navy.

I have decided not to take advantage of my priority of discharge. We all had our choice; – either to take our discharge when our turns came, or to stay in until the complete end of the war. I decided to stay in, chiefly so that I could take full advantage of the post-war education system. I think I will study law, or political science at Dalhousie University. Those are my plans anyhow, if they work out!

They’re having a movie aboard ship tonight, so I guess I had better close for now. I am fine in health and spirits, so you needn’t worry any. Happy birthday to you and tons of happiness,

Your son


[Editor’s note: The letter’s year was dated based on written content.]

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