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Date: June 1st 1944
Mother - (Florence Grace Gray)
John Teaton Gray

Dear Mother;

I am writing a slow delivery letter because I want to send a few snaps with it. The ship is my ship. It’s a very poor picture of her. Actually she looks much better than that. By the way, I have some large pictures of the ships company coming. I am not in them as I had to take away a motor-boat to get an admiral. I did make a news-reel that day though. The pictures will be too big to mail so I will wait till I come home to send them.

One of the pictures is “Niobe” a Canadian naval base over here. I spent a few nights there. The other picture was taken when we were salvaging a plane at sea. We came to it unexpectedly and hauled it aboard.

Well, thats enough about the snaps, and I guess thats all the news too because I can’t tell you anything much about what happens to us over here. Didn’t you hear anything about the battle we fought around the last of April? Nearly all the boys received letters from home telling them that they heard all about the action. I guess the “Gleaner” still chooses to forget that Canada has a navy.

Well, today was pay-day and I drew a very large pay £1. About $4. I nearly fainted when the pay [bob?] gave it to me. I should have drawn at least £6. It doesn’t matter. I’ll get double next time.

Well sunshine I will close now. I hope you will find the snaps interesting. Thanks for yours

Your loving son


[Editor’s note: The letter was dated from the envelope’s censor stamp date of “1/6/44”.]

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Original Scans