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Date: August 1943
Mother - (Florence Grace Gray)
John Teaton Gray

Ord. Smn. J.T. Gray V50267
Naval Docky and Patrol
“H” Block
HMCS Stadacona II
Halifax, N.S.

Dear Mother;

I was delighted to hear from you not long ago. I didn’t go to sea as I wanted to. I am guarding the Naval dockyards here and expect to keep on doing that for perhaps three months – or more. I hate the job but there is nothing I can do about it except to try and stay cheerful.

I am sorry I can’t send you $5.00 this month because someone stole my great-coat and I had to buy a new one. That set me back $14 which out of a months pay left me $4. You can bet I will keep this one under lock and key! I will try to send it next month. I also would like to come as far as F’ton on a weekend, but I guess I can’t do both.

Have you seen Mary Nielson lately? She writes to me nearly every day. I answer just about as often so you can see I keep well posted in news.

How are things on the farm? You should have haying well started by now we were half done this time last year. Still I suppose they must have missed my help a little. It’s a funny thing, no matter how badly things go here I have never wished I were home on the farm. I guess I never was meant to be a farmer. I like this life O.K.

Give my regards to the neighbors and tell Cousin Bertha I haven’t forgotten her and Marguerite. Give Marguerite my congratulations in her success at art. I think she would go a long way if she ever got clear of F’ton. There is nothing there for anyone.

If I can get out of this job by going to Scotland, I will go there. I will be home if I do get a draft there. You always get a long leave before you go overseas. I haven’t much hope of going though.

Tell Huldie I think of her often and hope she is well. I wish I could come home and see you all again, but I guess it’s impossible.

Keep your chin up and don’t worry about me. I’m invulnerable! Cheerio, old Gal

Your loving son

P.S. I could still use a good pair of home-knit socks! (any color)


[Editor’s note: The letter’s year was dated based on written content; the month is from the envelope’s postmark..]

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