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Date: 1943
Mother - (Florence Grace Gray)
John Teaton Gray

Ord. Smn. J.T. Gray V50267
No. 3 Mess
H.M.S. 231
c/o F.M.O
Halifax, N.S.

Dear Mother,

I haven’t received an answer from my last letter yet but I shall write just the same because the situation has changed.

As you can tell by my address I am on an English ship. The crew is half Canadian under command of the Royal Navy. I would much rather be on a Canadian ship but I like this one O.K.

I was at sea all week and was not at all sick. I enjoyed a great time in the ports we visited. The people used us fine and really showed us a good time.

My ship is an old American destroyer but she is still a good, stout, ship. I already have a certain affection for her.

By the way, I may get a long leave in Oct. or Nov.; of course you never can be sure. I certainly would like to get home. I think of home a lot when I am out on the ocean. One has so much time to think!

Don’t worry about me when I am at sea because there is little danger. On our run the U boats are scarce; in fact, there hasn’t been any seen for a long time. Besides, you know how well I can take care of myself.

Give my love to all the family. They are in my mind a lot. I would like to see Bruce in my place about a week! Boy, he would hate it! Ha! Ha! It’s a great life.

Well, good-bye for now Mrs Gray

Your loving son

P.S. I am eating a beautiful yellow transparent apple.


[Editor’s note: The letter’s year was dated based on written content.]

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