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Date: June 19th 1943
Mother - (Florence Grace Gray)
John Teaton Gray

Deepbrook N S
June 19/1943

Dear Mother,

I am in the best of health and brown as an Indian. I never felt better in my life. Partly because my course here is finished next Friday. I may stay here for a while though. I am not sure.

I got last weekend off and got as far as Fredericton. I couldn’t get home because I had to get back to St. John to catch the Digby boat. I am very sorry because I particularly wanted to see Huldie.

Will you do me a big favour? I want a recommendation from Mr Manuel, the minister. I am going to try to get permission to come before the officers selection board before I leave here. My officer thinks I have a good chance. Would you please try to get it as soon as possible? I may leave here within two weeks. I want it before then.

I will also want one from Mr. Miller of F.H.S. but I will write to him myself. I sure hope I get a commission.

How is the farm and everyone on it? The crops must be all in by now. Everything is beautiful and green here. I will still be glad to leave here.

How are Bruce, Marjorie, and daddy? Tell them I think of them often.

I can’t think of anything to say today except that I did a big washing this afternoon. I’m getting so I don’t mind it now.

If I stay here I am going to try to get home some time next month. If I leave here, I won’t be able to make it until New Years or later. If I come home I feel lousy when I get back so perhaps it’s quite as well. Well dearie, I must close and get some supper.

Your loving son

P.S. I’ll try to write to Huldie tonight.

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