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Date: May 30th 1943
Mother - (Florence Grace Gray)
John Teaton Gray

Deepbrook, Nova Scotia
May 30, 1943

Dear Mother,

I got your letter Friday night and was really pleased to hear from you. I also was surprised to hear about Huldie’s considerable raise in family. Congratulate her for me, will you?

I saw Alphonse Pincombe in Digby yesterday. His boat happened to be in there. Was I ever surprised. He was asking about you and told me to give you his regards. He seems to be a good enough fellow.

Mary tells me she visited you a few nights ago, she also said she had a wonderful time. I hear from her every day so I usually have the news up to date as far as [Fiton?] is concerned. How is Huldie? If she’s very sick I may be able to get a weekend in two weeks to see her, I would have to have a letter from you proving she is sick before I can get the weekend.

Tell Bruce I told him to grow some good crops this year. If the farmers grow scruffy crops we have to put up with meals that are grim.

I will only be here four weeks more; then I move out into civilization again (Probably Halifax) I don’t like Halifax, but its better than here. It sure gets muddy when it rains down here. We have to wear great-coats yet, so you can get an idea of what the weather is like. Some days it is hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement. Usually though, it’s too cold.

I bought a tiddley suit in Digby last week. It cost me $18.75 so my pay is very low this month. If I don’t write often it’s because I’m out of stamps.

Well Ma, I must close and get to work. Give my regards to the family and neighbors.

Your loving son

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