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Date: May 5th 1943
John Teaton Gray
Jeanie McNeil - (sister)

R.R.1, Chipman
Wed. May 5, 1943

Dear John:

I just heard where you were a few days ago and thought I would write to you before you get out and disappear again. We didn't know what on earth had happened to you, and we were certainly glad to hear where you were even if it was in a hospital.

Please excuse this awful notepaper, as it is all I've got at the present. Mamma said they told her you only had a mild case of the fever, so I expect you are feeling pretty good now. She also said you would be home a couple of weeks when you get better so I will be looking forward to seeing you.

They seem to be having a swell time up there with surprise parties and so on. When you get home, we’ll have to see if we can work up a party for you. I haven't been to a party since the night Ralph and Lois were married and I am just raring to go. How about you?

We were to Minto Sat. night, to see about a house down there, but we couldn't get in to see it. If its fit to live in, we're going to move down.

Bill works 2 weeks at night and 2 weeks days now and boys he hates working at nights. Next week he'll be working days again, and he'll be so glad and so will I, because he doesn't get home all week when he works nights.

Well, Margaret Anne will be able to sass you back if you tease her now. She can talk pretty good but she gets her words mixed up sometimes. She is growing like a weed, and I think she's going to be tall like Bill. She is just waking up now the lazy thing and its after 11 A.M. I hear her grunting so I know she's awake.

Well, I will have no peace now so I had better close.

Hoping to see you soon
Your loving sister

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