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Date: April 21st 1943
Mother - (Florence Grace Gray)
John Teaton Gray

Halifax, N.S.
April 21, 1943

Dear Mother;

I was very glad to receive your magazines this week. The boys especially enjoyed that story “Pearls” that you sent. My writing arm is rather weak tonight as I had a blood test this afternoon. I should be able to get out a week from today. Then I will do my best to get a leave.

If you don't answer this letter right away don't write at all until I give you a new address. If I don't get leave I will have a change of address anyhow. The hospital wouldn't know where to send my mail.

Easter Sunday sure was a gread day here. We all (those able to get up) went out on the veranda and spent the day. I got a great sunburn.

How are things doing on the farm? Is there any snow left, or is it still cold there?

I am in good health now and can get around fine. If I am too well I may not need a leave. In a way I'm sorry I recuperated so quickly.

Well, I’ll close this part of the letter and will write to Marjorie on the other page

Your loving sailor

P.S. Remember to write immediately if you're going to write.

[new letter beginning on next page:]

My dear rat (Marjorie),

I was overjoyed to receive your attempt at a letter. We all had a turn at figuring out what the writing said. The next time you write, please don't use a difficult code like that. I'm a sick man and haven't time to work on puzzles. I would appreciate it if you would write in English.

Your gossip was interesting to me. I would very much like to know, who is Mary Connors? Would she be the Indian school-teacher?

Tell Bruce I like the way he answers my letters. Well dearie I must close. Behave yourself if that is possible.

the matloe (figure that one out!!)

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