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Date: March 28th 1943
Bruce Gray - (brother)
John Teaton Gray

Mar 28, 1943
Halifax, N.S.

Dear Bruce;

I'm answering your dinky little letter now that I have time. I'm a busy man now, you know. I don't lay around every day until noon. I get up at 6:30, wakened by the heavy music of a bugle. If you don't get out of bed you get thrown out. Believe me it's good for you. I suppose you're hauling out that aromatic substance you find in the cow stable about now. It must be a great job. Out in the nice fresh air.

Is the sap running yet? It should be if it isn't. There isn't any snow here and there hasn't been for quite a time.

I'm enclosing a picture of myself and our mascot. His name is “Mike” and it suits him well. He makes me homesick he looks so much like you. That bright smile, you know. By the way, have you got the same old dog you had when I left?

I'm not going to write a long letter because it's Sunday afternoon and I want to get some sleep. I may be home sometime in the next three years, however I'm not sure. You can't plan ahead about anything like that. It's too early to go home yet anyway. I'll bet there arn't even any crows there (except you). Be a good boy sonnie and take care of your pet mice. You may have to eat them some day


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My address now is
            Ord. Smn. J.T. Gray
            Camp Hill Hospital Annex
            Halifax N.S.
 Since writing the other part of this letter I have contracted that dread disease called scarlet fever. It's just like having a slight cold and sore throat so don't worry your little head about me. Tell mamma I'm O.K. I should get 14 days convalescent leave when I get out of here. I shall be in hospital a month old boy, nice place! I wish you were here in my place. I can see you here with a thermometer stuck in your mouth and a nurse taking your pulse. Would it ever be fun. Well sonny I must close and have a nap

the matloe

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