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Date: February 28th 1943
John Teaton Gray
Mother - (Florence Grace Gray)

February 28th 1943

Dear John;

This letter should have been written at the beginning of the week either Monday or Tuesday, but we ran out of notepaper, so had to put it off on that account.

Dorothy’s son arrived on the 19th and she is O.K. expected to leave the hospital today for her home, so I am very much relieved to hear it, and know everything is over. Mrs. Brown wrote me in nice letter, and said Bill received the hymn book I sent him. I also received a letter from Bill acknowledging and thanking me for it.

I heard you were in town yesterday so suppose you got a change up with some one as you did not get home this time, anyway it was nice for you to get in to see the Pincombe’s etc. I was in town on Tuesday. It was such a glorious day that I decided I would go in with the mailman as I had $2.00 and felt I needed a change, also I was worried about Hilda as she is not very robust at the best of times, but I could not do much shopping. I got my hair done for 35 cts. and bought a little yarn and had a nice lunch at Pincombe’s, and enjoyed myself, and came back with Charles Burnett and Chick MacKay was in between Charles and I and he was drunk as usual and was an awful nuisance. I did not dare say anything about the drive to your Dad because the laugh was on me; for I said I would not go to town with him again until he could treat me as a lady, and you know how a drunk can act.

They had a party for Thelma Kilburn MacKay, and Chick was there and Murray Kelley etc. and there was some drinking going on and Chick sat on the kitchen cupboard at Yankee Anderson’s, and fell off, and Murray Kelley got drunk and lay down on the cot and slept, and some of the women were drinking too, so it was an hilarious time. Bruce was so disgusted he came home early and he was worrying about Marjorie being there, but James said he would bring her home in the car and look after her which he did, and so no harm came to them. Its too bad they cannot have a party without so much drinking and foolishness.

Bruce has sold his rabbits at 20 cts a pair and has 10 more porcupines, so he gets a little cash out of that. His Dad bought him a new jacket yesterday, so he is all set up again. The old car fell on the ice, so we’ve had a little excitement as the neighbors, Blacks, [?] Charlie Goad, and Frank Hallett helped put her in a sling and lift her up, and put her in the barn, they got her standing then she fell again in the barn and they had the same thing all over again, but she is all right now I guess.

They have quite a large woodpile now. Your dad took several loads of cedars to Jewetts mills and is expecting to build a machine shed in the gravel pit, and is going to have enough shingles to shingle the barn also.

[?] and Millen expect to come home pretty soon now, they are almost through at Burtts Corner. I hope I see them soon.

Well, dear, I hope you are feeling pretty good, and will get along O.K. Let me know all the news. There is not much news here. Have you seen Lorna? She said she saw you one day.

Love from all,

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