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Date: June 3rd 1944
Elsie Henderson - (wife)
Kenneth Henderson

June 3, 1944
2400 [hours]

Well, dearest, here it is. We are leaving at two o’clock for the French Coast. The Skipper cleared lower decks this evening and told us that we were going in and what we were to expect. It will be the biggest undertaking in history sweetheart, and it promises to be a good fight. We have all been getting ready for anything all evening and now we have got two hours until we are on our way. Now that the time has come and the waiting is over, I don’t feel anxious anymore like I did when we were just waiting around for anything to happen. We have a job to do and we are pledged to do it. No matter what the cost, we must land these troops on the coast of France. Some of us won’t come back. That is almost certain in such an operation, many are bound to lose their lives and if it will mean freedom for you my darling and our families then I for one am not afraid to risk it. If I don’t happen to survive, my darling, I want you to know that I love you more than life itself and will always do so. If I do not come back please think of me now and again and always remember that I was thinking of you all through the action and if I survive it will be you and your love that pulled me through. I am no hero darling. I don’t want to die anymore than the next guy. I have tasted about 10 days of living and want more but if I have to then I am ready to go but I will go down fighting to the last.

Well, my darling, I guess I will say good-bye for now, and wish me luck. I’ll likely need it before we get through with this business.

All my love,


[Editor’s notes: The letter’s “10 days of living” is likely a reference to Ken shipping out of Halifax 10 days after his wedding to Elsie in February. Transcription provided by collection donor.]