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Date: July 10th 1917
Keith Winterbottom - (brother)
Sydney Winterbottom

France (Lens)
July 10, 1917

Dear Keith:

Thanks ever so much for your nice letter. By heck! you must be growing which is a good job as you need all the muscle you can get for our job after the war.

You speaking about Pinata Lake reminds me about the time I went up there with Mr. Batch. and Ernest. We went up behind Mount St. Paul and had to walk the whole way up as old Dick wasn't strong enough to do the job himself. Well we reached Pinata and slept the whole night in a tent so full of holes that you could look right through them and see the stars. The next night Mr. Batch and Art rowed out onto the Lake to catch some fish, Pretty soon we heard ____!___________!*^#*!G____!D____! SPLASH!

__________ Mr. Batch had a fish on the line and became so worked up over it that he stepped on the side of the boat with the result he fell into the lake and lost the fish.

You want to learn all you can about farming while I am away as I want to know much about it when I return. Gee it made me laugh to hear how Bert. used a grip on his old man and threw him. Some family!

Well old boy be good.

Your loving brother,

P.S. I wrote to Mr. and Mrs. Goudy a short time ago.


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]