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Date: July 10th 1917
Mum & Dad - (Jennie & Arthur Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

France (Lens)
July 10 1917

Dear Mum and Dad

Thanks ever so much for the money you sent. I received the two registered letters of ten francs each at the same time. They arrived when we were up the line and were very welcome. I did not go into the front line this trip as one of my old tum-tum attacks came on. Our doctor wanted to send me in although I was too weak to walk more than a couple of hundred yards at a time. However, thanks to the fellows in our section I was sent out. Therefore I am at present sitting back against a smashed house writing home.

Do you remember Roy Mallory, the naughty boy of Kamloops? Harry Campbell was speaking to him a couple of days ago. Roy has won the military medal with one bar (all the same two m. medals) so is making good.

I am glad Linn turned up and hope you give him a good time. I think he is one of the finest fellows I have yet met. You would so like the family. Why doesn't Helen take a run down to see them? They would treat her well. Besides it is such a pretty trip.

By gum though I am glad to see that Joan came out all right in her music exam. Please tell her to stick to it and she will make out in great style. When is little "Non" going to learn the violin. If he will try and learn to play it I will pay for all his lessons gladly. I received not long ago one louse-proof suit, gum and bull duram cigs. for which thanks ever so much.

We laughed at the paper clipping of my story of the Vimy ridge affair. Nevertheless I wish you not to put any more of my stuff in the paper as there is nothing I detest more.

Norman Goudy received a letter from Dal. Slavin who wrote from some hospital or other - just where I don't know. Anyway Dal. it seems was wounded and doing well. Vivian Gordon is not in the 29th, I don't know where he is. I'm afraid I can't tell you our chaplain's name as I don't know it. Colonel Ross is our colonel.

Dug is in good health and spirits and is present in the front line doing his "bit." It rained heavily last night but has cleared up in fine style to-day. We have been having the most glorious weather for the past two months. Well I must close this chatter.

Your loving son,

p.s. What is Mr. Mathews address? Mrs. Mathews wrote a very nice letter but I lost her address so couldn't answer it.


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]