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Date: April 29th 1917
Mom - (Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

France (Vimy)
April 29, 1917

Dear Mom:

I sent off a big envelope home to-day but as I received parcels and letters later on the same day, here goes again. First of all thanks ever so much for the pair of socks, louse powder and tin of toffee. They couldn't have arrived at a better time. Also thanks ever so much for the best of them all, the ten francs. But please do not send any more of your money, Mum. Just send me a ten franc note of my own money every fortnight will you.

Lord only knows but I would not have any money sent me at all if it is "dough" which would help out at home a lot more. Please don't send me any more of your money as I'll have to return it. Treat the bunch to some good eats. And in the future sent me a couple of sacks of Bull Durham cigarette tobacco and some brown rice cigarette papers will you with every parcel?

I just received a nice letter from Kitty Johnson who spoke of seeing Maud Batchelor quite often. She said that Lloyd could speak French quite well now - had to on his job whatever that is.

We are having the most beautiful spell of sunny weather. I don't know what is wrong-maybe a shell hit the weather man - I hope so for he certainly usually gives us bum weather. I heard from Miss Fooks that Adrian is in hospital in Chelsea. He is jake for the duration I guess - lucky beggar.

I am perfectly well so you should never worry. The worst part of it is I can't get sick and have a change even if I would.

The louse proof suit you sent seems to be doing its work well. I also bagged Adrians stuff as he is a casualty.

Gee, I hope Dad is able to glom onto a little ranch, wouldn't it be fine? Please tell him I still have a hunch that we will have that hunting trip this fall. What do you say?

Your loving son,

Please thank Dad and Keith for their letters. Will soon write again.


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]