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Date: August 8th 1916
Keith Winterbottom - (brother)
Sydney Winterbottom

Cheriton, Kent
Aug. 8, 1916

Dear Keith:

Thanks for your letter old top especially the mosquito which I forgot whether you or Joan sent.

The next week I understand we are going shooting at the hutts which are four to six miles from here. The instructors tell us that the shooters are divided into first, second, and third class. The third class takes all who make up to thirty or a little over. In this way they say everyone passes even if he only makes a score of three. When working at the hutts one is liable to be called on anytime. They usually start at some unholy time in the morning and stay there all day coming home in the evening. Of course you have all styles of shooting there, shooting lying, kneeling, standing, at disappearing dummies, rapid shooting – so many shots in so many seconds.

Guess how he would look waddling along while blowing a bugle. He tried to borrow eight cents from me this morning (At present one on our corporals is singing. By gosh he can sing too).

He wants me to join Dug’s Battalion, 3rd. Pioneers.

You should see the dandy little fields and pastures here. The farmers go in especially for sheep. Some prize rams near here are valued at thousand of dollars each. The sheep dogs however beat them all. They are not collies but a dog covered with long shaggy hair which much resembles wool. By heck though they savy their work. Yesterday a couple were cutting out the lambs and herding them into a separate flock. You see women sheep herders here. I have seen some of the largest horses of my life since being here. They are not only high but large in proportion to their height. In one field near here a farmer was cutting or rather reaping his barley to-day. They soak you about six cents a pint for milk here and then it is mostly chalky water.

Well you lop-eared, spindle necked, dilapidated radish, write when you can

Your loving brother,


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]