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Date: June 13th 1916
Mum - (Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

Victoria prior to leaving Canada
Sunday, June 13, 1916

Dear Mum:

We were told to-day that we would leave Victoria by the 4:30 boat Tuesday afternoon and would leave Vancouver by two trains at ten and eleven o’clock the same night. At this rate you will see me on either train pulling in at 8 o clock or nine. As I don’t know which train it is to be I cannot let you know definitely. If you feel like it, meet both trains and you will be sure to see me...SOB, SOB, BLUB! Now for the love of mike try to all be cheerful when you meet me as it will be rather hard on me if you aren’t so I’ll expect you to weep away all your sorrow before meeting the train.

Now for the next article on the program - please let Dad and Keith know in time for them to get in. Please don’t put this off until the last minute. Remember I come in on Wednesday Morning.

Adrian and I paid a farewell visit to Mrs.Simpson and the family. They were all packed up ready to move to Kamloops. Next we visited the Hopkins. Ted has grown and is about as tall as Joan (not quite though). Well after that we visited Aunt Florrie1. I then visited and had my last supper at Aunt Agneses. I’m sorry but I can’t send you those badges as our canteen shut up before I could get them. I’ll send them some other time.

The whole regiment had a service at the Cathederal this morning. The Dean preached to us and our band played the hymns. Later on our chaplain preached instead of the dean at the usual civilian morning service. After service we marched gaily back to the barracks.

Aunt Florrie moves into Hampton Court in the beginning of July. Last Saturday Mac. and I spent a very nice afternoon up at the Gorge. We went swimming along with dozens of others. The water is very briny but is nice and warm. At last I have got a new pair of boots and a new pair of infantry pants. So you will see me in a real infantry costume at last.

I suppose Marg bid a tender tearful farewell to the Duck boy. Garry is trying to get in the sanitarium at “Tranquille”. The poor begger’s lungs are in a very weak condition.

To-morrow we are all confined to barracks for the purpose of a general sobering up. The grounds are to be thrown open to visitors so I expect to see Aunt Florrie there. Aunt Agnes says she won’t see our boat off as it will upset her nerves. We have had a pretty warm spell lately, it is colder to-day however,

With lots of love to all, your loving son,
Sid. XXX


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]