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Date: April 6th 1916
Mum - (Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

Aunt Agneses
Victoria. B.C.
April 6, 1916

Dear Mum.

This is to wish you very many happy returns of your birthday and many more to come and I’m sure they will if you don’t scrap too much.

The flowers are from Helen and myself. We both went down town and chose them on Saturday.

I am writing this note in Aunt Agneses dining room. I have just had a nice supper and am therefore feeling jake.

I was walking down to have dinner at Aunt Agneses when I met Aunt Florie driving to the cathedral in her Ford. She stopped and I went to the service with her. Afterwards I had dinner with her. At four o’clock she showed me about Victoria a little while. First we visited Grandpa’s grave on which Aunt Florie left some snow-drops. We next drove along Dallas Road along that big back-water. We then drove by Grandpa’s little house. After that we drove all over beacon hill park. The bantams have their barracks there. Then Aunt Florie drove me back to Aunt Agneses where I had the said supper.

Please tell Keith that I’ll pay him for the bike at the end of the month.

While I write this Adrian is violently playing the mandolin in the drawing-room. He is soon coming home for three weeks to help his father in his seeding. If someone wrote and said they wanted me to get a seeding-leave I could most likely get a month off to do the job.

Write when you can
Your loving son
Sid. AW.

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