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Date: 1915
Dad & Mum - (Arthur & Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

Vernon Camp. B.C.

Dear Dad and Mum.

We are getting along very well. Today I was on what they call the “Sanitary Fatigue.” My work consisted of changing out the recepticals through which the dishwater drains away. As a good part of this had to be removed with my hands it was a pretty greasy job. After that I and another chap picked up any bit of rubbish we found around the eating tables and put it together with the scraps from the drainage into the incinerator. After that I only had about an hours work. This was all I had to do the whole day. I spend a good part of the spare time in eating the biscuits Helen cooked for me. I got your note with the socks you sent. I might as well tell you that on opening the parcel I found only three socks. I dont see why you couldn’t have sent five and be done with it. – I at least would have had two pairs.

Please tell Adrian to try to get into “B squadron in troop one,” as that is what I and Frank are in.

Well I will close for present with love to all – from your loving son –

Sid. W.


[Editor’s note: No date was included by the author but the content most likely places it in early August of 1915.]

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