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Date: December 2nd 1915
Mum - (Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

Cannaught Barracks
Nanaimo B.C.
Dec. 2nd. 1915

Dear Mum.

Thanks for your letter I received yesterday. Also please thank Joan and tell her I will write her shortly.

Now to answer some of your questions. The military hospital in which I was laid up consisted of a one roomed shack about 20’ x 12’. I was treated excellently. My medicine consisted of tablets for fever and a couple of pills for laxative purposes. I reposed in a little, warm, springy camp bed and altogether enjoyed myself immensely. I am now feeling better than before my sickness. Therefore you have not the slightest cause to worry about my spiritual or bodily welfare as they have not yet been impaired one little bit.

I go down to the gymnasium most evenings and have a great time making “de mus.”. I soon hope to visit Helen. In fact I intend to try to do so this weekend. The weather lately has been fine. Today, however, it is raining as usual.

On the fine mornings, down here the robins and meadowlarks can be heard all over the place just as they do in spring at Kamloops.

I do hope John likes his little gift. It was the only thing I could think of sending him.

I intend to try to get home for Christmas if possible and we will all be together again.

Say kiddoo why do you not send me my little watch. I miss that watch every hour of the day and can’t understand why you don’t send it. – Please try to send it to me as quickly as possible for I am lost without it.

I have not heard from Miss Cunningham lately. The only time I saw her here was once on main street surrounded by a bunch of squalling females. Taking my courage in both hands I introduced myself to her but felt so uncomfortable in the presence of the other flappers I was thankful to get away. Gosh! I’d rather run a mile yet than meet an unknown girl.

Well I will close with love to you all from
Your loving son
Sid. W.

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