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Robina Kaine - (sister)
Alex Kaine

[date unknown, but sometime after 1922]

Dear Bi.

I do not think the Legion can do anything as I am classed as an Imperial and the Ministry of Imperial Pensions state the case was closed by Royal Warrant under the War Pensions Act 1921 and that I did not appeal. I did but those who were working for me failed to forward any letter to Ottawa and I got the check marked final award in 1922. They refused to reopen the case.

  1. Enlisted Aug. 1914 at Fort Francis Ont. as Lieut having taken my Commission from London Military School 1903. Was on the reserve.
  2. Never was at camp Borden but at Valcartier Quebec. I was taken from the company by Col. Lipsett our CO. 8 Bn. an given the observers and scouts to train. Carried this on as long as I was with the Canadian.
  3. Varied on same in England but added Observation Night Patrol and Camouflage.
  4. Transferred April 1915 holding same rank Lieut. in Sherwood Forest Divisional.
  5. Carried on same work in English Rgt. and formed a Divisional Sniping Observing Co. Covering the Division front, and night work. This was an independent Command. Not recognized as a unit so drew all from Division. Was Special Intelligence Officer 18th [?]
  6. Wounded first time in Sept 1916 Between Ginchy and Morval gun shot wound in right side which hit just above the pelvis and exposed the [?]. The Dr said all that saved me was having an empty stomache
  7. Treated first at Field Dressing station where pieces of my coat were removed from the wound and then tide up. Sent from there to the Duchess of Westminster Hospital at a Estaples. Operated on at once and wound sewed up. I was then shipped to London Eng. and placed The Endsley Palace Hotel then an officer hosp. The Dr. was Sir Rickman Goodley of Harley Street London. He reopened the wound and said no good [?] mortification but found it was my insides. Exactly 3 months and I was back in the trenches. Rec. M.C. for work done. Had been recommended for it at other times. Made Capt for work on field
  8. Wounded again 1918 Broken Pelvis on same side as other wound. Sent to Ashton Court Bristol Eng. When bone had knit soreness was almost as bad and Dr opened the side and found all the [nerves?] (which had not been [?]) tangled up like a bunch of [?] roots. They trimmed them off so they are still not joined up. I was 6 mons before I got out and was Discharged as unfit for further Service. Arrived home exactly 4 yrs and 3 weeks from time of sailing for Eng. 1914 with first Contingent 

My papers are already away already. I do not think it will be of any use. If I had been around with the Canadians the case could have been opened it anytime but not the British.

I covered the whole line from Ypres to Verdun and penetrated the German line 4 miles past their 2nd lines. This work I did alone leaving the Company to cover Divisional front.

Many Thanks Bi.

[10/3.?] No I do not go in Hospt every year only when it gets so bad that I cannot carry on, as they can only relieve it. A.J.K.


[Editor’s note: The “Endsley Palace Hotel” above refers to the Endsleigh Palace Hotel, London, which functioned during the war as the Endsleigh Palace Hospital for Officers; the doctor was  Sir Rickman Godlee.]

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