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Date: March 8th 1917
Robina Kaine - (sister)
Alex Kaine

March 8.

Dear Bi.

I am going in to see Fritz to-morrow so right to let you know I am fit again. I only received yours of Feb yesterday and it was good to get it. We have been living for a time on Hard-tack and Bully Beef it is a big change for generally we have had plenty but soon all will be ok again. I am now intelligence officer of the Bdge and have to supervise 4 battalions so am busy but I enjoy the work although it does not give me much time to myself. I have managed to satisfy them. My Cross gave me a good standing here as the old Bn wrote about me

I must close now as I am due at the 2/6 in 10 minutes

Love and best wishes to all.
AJ Kaine
2/5 Sherwood Forresters

[postscript:] write often


[Editor’s note: The envelope’s postmark “MAR 31 1917” has been used for dating the letter’s year.]

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