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Date: February 7th 1918
Alex Kaine

[Editor’s note: The transcription below is of a handwritten letter identified (on the upper-left corner of the first page) as a “Copy of Alexs letter”; copy date unknown. The original  letter is believed to have been written in 1918 based on the written content  (e.g. rank  reference to “Captain Kaine”).]


Feb. 7

Dear J.M. :–

I have at last received the Military Cross. I got it Monday at the Palace. The King pinned it on so I am trying to live up to it. I am going to give you a few extracts from letters I have received, and seen with reference to my work, not to boast but to let you see what my own think.

  1. “He lives in no mans land and if placed in the German 3rd line would come back with the information required and bring all his men with him.
                Brigadier General Edwards
                71st Infantry Brigade.
  2. Your work has been perfectly satisfactory. I can see no way in which you can improve it. You have done more than we thought possible.
                Lt. Col. Hobbs D.S.O.
                2nd Sherwood Forresters.
  3. He is great and [can?] find cover anywhere even behind a blade of grass.
                Major Street D.S.O.
                2nd Sherwood Forresters.
  4. He is the bravest soldier I ever saw. If told to go out alone and take a German trench, would not hesitate but go out and I really believe do it.
                Capt Jones    Adjutant
                2nd Sherwood Forresters.
  5. He is the bravest of the brave
                Lient Love.
  6. You have Capt Kaine with you. I was not in his company but all the Brigade knew him well as “the Snake” because every time we were in the line he was crawling through that of the Germans and getting them all the time
                Corp Love.

So you see what they think. Those letters except Col. Hobbs and Major Street were sent to people who have just met me for the first time. Hope all are well. How is U.S. now.

Best wishes

[postscript:] Let Aunt Ann know

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Original Scans