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Date: October 14th 1916
Robina Kaine - (Alex's sister)
Ada - (cousin)

14th October 1916.

My dear Robina

Your letter reached me yesterday, and as I have good news I am answering right off. I expect Alec is at Mauds. We went up to her for last week end as it was Harvest Thanksgiving in our church at home, and she gave us a letter from Alec, which she got last week, he was allowed out a little and expected to be over with her in a few days. Now I know you will be glad to hear he is alright again it is indeed dreadful to be so far away, but we will look after Alec for you and you know he would not be amongst the shirkers he would be exhausted of himself. The chaplain wrote to my brother in law at once, when Alec was wounded, and I wrote offering him to come down here, as we know he likes the sea breeze, but he wrote back that he would be a good while in Hospital and he could not tell if he would be able to get over before we would be going up home.

When I see Alec I will write you again, and tell you how I think he looks. Alec has been one of the fortunate ones, my niece Elsie has Captain [Davidson?] over with them, (Elsie is engaged to him) he was wounded three months ago and has still to use a crutch, but is up roving every day.

We wrote to my cousins in London and they tried to see Alec, they are the same relation as we are to you, Uncle Joe’s (Fathers brother) daughters. They keep a house for nurses and one of them is a trained nurse. We get a lot of the wounded to Belfast now. It brings the war home to us.

I wish I could help you as to what you could send Alec, it seems to me letters are what he likes best.

Mods boy Philip is very original, we did laugh over a letter he wrote to him last week, Alec  and Mauds two boys have great times together. I will write soon

Much love Yours

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Original Scans