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Date: July 28th 1916
Robina Kaine - (Alex's sister)
Ada - (cousin)

2 Kensington Cres.
28th July 1916.

My Dear Bina

Your letter came in good time, as Alec had just come on a surprise visit, and it gave him great pleasure too, if you had just seen him when I said I had a letter from you and first let on I would not give it to him to read, I told him I would trade it with him and out he pulled his money so when I saw how much he would value a read I gave him back his money and the letter with it.

He had told us some time previously that he did not expect leave till August, and of course we did not think he had any chance of getting away

Likely you heard of our visit to Ballymena. We had May and Haddie here spending this day [?] with us. Haddie says her mother has not been so well since they moved to the new house.

Maud is settled in her new house and likes it very much, she is a little nearer to us, for which we are glad.

The war has come home terribly to us since the Ulster Division we're in action on the last of July. Many boys from knock were killed or wounded I called on one lady last week whose son (22 yrs of age) was killed, and really I never saw such grief. Several boys three from round here are still missing.

Our Hospitals are filled with wounded soldiers and when in town they are every where, being driven about by the better class, last Wednesday ninety wounded were entertained by Knock people at Lord Shaftesbury’s Belfast Castle grounds it was a lovely day and the view from the Castle was perfect. Lily Maud and I were there from 10 A.M. Till 8 P.M. and motored there and home in a friends motor. We had a busy day, preparing for so many several others came to help.

I wish this wretched war was over, it would make you [continued along upper-left margin of first page] sad to see those boys. Hope you are all well

Best love to All [?]

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