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Date: January 1918

Jan. 3/18 -
Made rounds of batteries. Colonel returned from leave. Enemy balloons up

Jan. 5/18 -
Jumped motor lorry to Bethune to get some underwear - feeling miserable with a cold. Old lady at billet very kind.

Jan. 6/18 -
Stayed at billet but carried on sick parade as usual. So cold that Tom had to move out of the glass house where we hold sick parade.

Jan. 8/18 -
Boxes of Xmas cheer from Edna.

Jan. 10/18 -
Observation very good. Considerable shelling all over Lienin - harassing fire.

Jan. 12/18 -
Went to Medical Officers meeting at ‘Chateau de le Hare’ - met allot of friends. Our headquarters in Lievin shelled - no casualties.

Jan. 14/18 -
Alan & I had just gotten in bed when Fritz started shelling our H.Q. again. Our dugout facing the wrong way for comfort - Thawing.

Jan. 15/18 -
Rained all day - Mess nearly flooded out through new shell hole in second story.

Jan. 19/18 -
Went in to another meeting at the Chateau. Art Ellis on Syphilis. Had dinner with 9th Field ambulance at Fosse X.

Jan. 22/18 -
Relieved today & moved to new positions, Left Section to Fosse. A 4.2 howitzer shelled them - one horse killed, one died from wounds, another so bad we had to shoot her.

Jan. 28/18 -
Hun planes bombed near our quarters - some casualties amongst the infantry.


[Editor’s note: Transcription and transcription annotations provided by collection donor; minor formatting changes have been made to layout and to clearly mark transcriber’s annotations.]