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Date: 1916
Joseph & Bessie Lantz - (parents of Walter Lantz)
James Hooper

[front cover]
To, Walter’s Father and Mother.
From, An old School Chum 

[page 1]
Our Observing Post, at Gommecourt, it was in the second line trenches in front  of Gommecourt Woods, we were 350 yds from the German front line. Walter and I spent many a weary hour here. The observation officer stands up in the iron column and looks through the hedge. The observer (Walter) takes notes and figures out corrections, which are phoned back to the Battery. J.P.H.    

[page 2]
One of our guns at Fricourt, showing overhead cover from Areoplanes. Lts [Sterns?] (Sitting) and [Ritchie?] (Standing). The cook house where Walter was killed, is about where the x is.

[page 3]
Taken in Mametz Village, the morning we took Mametz Woods, showing German prisoners at work carrying in British Wounded. the Tommie although having a broken leg is in charge of some healthy Germans.

[page 4]
This is in Mametz Village, July 11th/16. Walter has on my belt, with glasses and revolver, and his own water bottle, Ernie Kelly is my telephonist. This is taken in the centre of the village, notice all the houses knocked down.

[page 5]
This picture of myself, standing in the ruins of a church in Mametz Village, was taken by Walter on our way home from the O.P. July 11th/16

[page 6]
Taken same day, July 11th in Mametz Village, this is one of the few houses left standing.

[page 7]
This is one of our O.P’s on the Somme, we used it before we took Mametz Woods, being 300 yds in front of it. This picture of myself and a Lt [Trenholme?] of  a 9.2 battery, was taken by Walter July 11th/16.

[page 8]
An O.P. used by us sometimes. Capt. McDonald on left, Walter at the big glass (top) a Conrad chap (centre) and Percy McNevin at this end. They are all looking to see our shells burst.

[page 9]
Our Battery position on the Somme was behind the Cemetry of the Village of Fricourt. This shows the Shrine in the Cemetry or rather what is left of it.

[page 10]
Some German graves which we had to pass going to our O.P. on the Somme.

[page 11]
This is “Dartmoor” Cemetry where Walter is buried. Is does not show his grave, as it was taken two weeks before Walters death, when we were on our way from Gommecourt, our first position, and the Somme, our present position. This Cemetry is by the village of Becordel, near Albert.

[page 12]
A trench junction where we used to pass on our way to the O.P. It was said the the German patrols used to come up to our trenches at night from the left. [signpost centre-left: “YUSSUF STREET LEADING TO Y49”]

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Original Scans