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Date: 3rd 1915

[section 3 of 3: April 26 – May 16, 1915]

All German attacks on our front fail, slaughter awful We still hold hill 60 This fight is shure making History for Canada

28th, April
getting along nicely Nurses Here very nice, my nurse comes from Aberdeen Scotland not many Canadians in this place, sent letter Home to dad

29 April 1915
Got up today but nurse order’s me back to bed I have to follow out nurses orders

30 April 1915
On my feet again wound in my Head Healing very quickly, Abscess comes in my mouth from Cold and wet very painful

May 1st
No Sleep last night Mouth very sore my heart is giving me a lot of Trouble

May 2nd
Nerves pretty bad, doctor say get all right All men after big fight are effected by nervous strain, Mouth getting Ok.

May 3
Getting lots to smoke had a cigar today what a treat We are well looked after Sister gives me notepaper to write home just what I want as I lost all at Ypres.

May 4th
Theres been some Rain, they are shipping more serious Cases home how they do brighten up when they get word to go Home I am feeling pretty good now I suppose I will soon be going to Convasesent Camp

May 16,th Sunday
I have spent this last few days in resting up after my sickness, will soon be going back to the Batt, Gee its nice here birds singing and flowers everywhere Its terrible when one thinks of the Destruction and murder going on further north, its the two extremes one is Heaven the other Hell. I thank God for this day of sunshine, and hope that peace will soon reighn everywhere.

[end of chronological diary transcription]

[from the two centre pages of the notebook:
“Apex best in 5th interface outside mid auxillarey line ½″ Ausculation reveals a loud blowing systolic murmur. Pulse irregular and fast. Evidently has had some Progressive Endocarditis.”]

[page with various scribbles (located on page prior to the entry of “22nd April Ypres”):
“[?] [?rie]” “111111111111” “Smoking Smoking Smoking Smoke” “1/=” “1/6 1/6. [a?] d[a?]y” “[?]/=6” “36/=36.=” “36.”]

[addresses below from various pages throughout the notebook:]        

Pte R. Whiteford 
2439 C. 8th Batt.
Gordon High.
277 Main St.
50 Glebe St.
11 Westmuir St.

Mrs. McIntosh
Robert Middleton
Box 99

H. Anderson   
22 Mertoun Place

Miss Marion Lamb
19 General Mil. Hos

Mrs. G.P. Anleth
1014 6th Ave. N.E.
Moose Jaw, Sask

Pte Webb
143, Hight St. E.
475 Alt. W.
H. Bayliss

H.W. Guthrie
128 Oxford [E?]
1446 [?sbone]

G. Walsh
888. Ave N.W.


[Editor’s notes: When writing the diary White did not always use the notebook pages sequentially, at times switching from front to back or starting again in a new section. The transcription, divided into three sections, follows the diaries chronological order (not physical page order). Transcriptions of the pages used throughout the notebook for recording addresses, or other such information discreet from the content of the diary entries, have been included at the end of section three. Please also note that punctuation, spelling, etc., has been transcribed as written.]

Original Scans

Original Scans