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Date: 1st

[Editor’s note: The autograph book has been divided into five parts. Below is Part 1: pages 1-9, including jpg of front cover.]

Page 1:
B.A. Ross.
16 Canadian General Hospital,
Orpington, Kent.
            A.O. Wharrey,
            Christmas 2017.

Page 2:
[portrait drawing of hospital patient in bed]
For ladies only.
            A.M. Brown,
            [STAR?] Patient.
            50th Can. Inf.

Page 3:
Girls arms are for recompense
Ours, for Self defence –
Fall In.
            H.L. Cleveland.
            Ward 36,
            Orpington, Kent.

Page 4:
            No 26777 Pte. E. Bolting
            2nd Wiltshire Regiment
            No 8 Gravelye Cottages
            America Lane
            Hayward’s Heath

            G.M. Farrow,
If by chance this page you see,
Why not! try to think of me!”

Page 5:
‘Tis love that makes the world go round
     Upon this thought I linger
‘Tis love that makes a ring go round
     A girls engagement finger.
            #157051. Pte. Boyd E.
            Toronto, Canada.
            19th Jan. 18.

Page 6:
New Years Day, 1918,
Held in Ward 29;
1st Who threw the brick in Mrs Murphy chowder.
     Sung by Geo. McDonald
2nd Fathers boots are full of feet, [or?] I now take a splinter from Sweet Hearts wooden leg for a tooth pick,
     By Little [?]
3rd Who stole the swill from the orphan pig.
     Sung by Sgt. Richard
4th Don’t hit him Charlie, Spit in his bleeding beer.
     Sung by the quartette The Night Hawks;
Traffic Controller, N.E. Davies

Page 7:
Question not by live and labor
Till your goal be won,
Helping every feeble neighbour,
Seeing help from none,
Life is mostly froth & bubble
Two things stand like stone
Kindness in anothers trouble
Courage in your own.
     A.L. Gordon
     (Australia’s National Poet.)
            “35” orpington
            H.G. Robertson.

Page 8:
My tune is Short.
So I can only [Plot?]
My name in your Book.
            Harold C. Davies
            16 Jan 18.

Page 9:
Here’s a toast to be
Drunk in silence,
To the roll of the
Honoured dead.
To the memory of
England’s heroes
Each laid in his
Narrow bed;
The price of our
Country’s glory;
The blood that her
Sons have shed.
            Sgt. J. Green,
            75th Canadians

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Original Scans