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Nursing Sister Barbara Argo Ross was born in Brussels, Huron County, Ontario, on March 27, 1890, one of five children to Reverend John and Elsie (née Watt) Ross.

Already fully trained as a nurse, she enlisted in Toronto on March 4, 1917, with the Base Hospital (Toronto), Canadian Army Medical Corps. Shipping for Liverpool on May 29, 1917, Ross was stationed at No. 16 Canadian General Hospital (Ontario Military Hospital), Orpington, Kent, England. She later served with the No. 16 Can. Gen. Hospital in France. Following her return to Canada Ross was demobilized April 3, 1919.

Within the Ross Collection is the autograph book that was given to her as a Christmas present by fellow Nursing Sister Agnes Oliver Wharrey while stationed at Orpington in December of 1917. Over the following months Ross collected messages, drawings, poems, and other mementos while working at the No. 16 Can. Gen. Hospital. Many of the contributors to the book were Canadian service members, and where possible their names and a link to their service records have been included below. The jpgs and transcriptions of Ross’s book have been divided into five consecutive parts of approximately ten pages each.

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Nursing Sister Ross’s Service Record can be viewed/downloaded in pdf format through Library and Archives Canada.

Identified contributors to the Autograph Book (an asterisk before the name indicates that the location of the soldier’s service information has not been established):

Pg. 1: Nursing Sister Agnes Oliver Wharrey, C.A.M.C., Service Record.
Pg. 2: *A.M. Brown, 50th Battalion, page 2.
Pg. 3: Sapper Harmon Leslie Cleveland, Canadian Engineers, Service Record.
Pg. 4: Private George Martin Farrow, 173rd Battalion, Service Record.
Pg. 5 : Private Edward Boyd, 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, Service Record.
Pg. 9: *Sergeant A. Green, 75th Battalion.
Pg. 11: Corporal John Ernest Rodgers, 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, Service Record.
Pg. 14: Private John Cecil Kinross, 51st Battalion, Service Record.
Pg. 15: Private John Street, 87th Battalion, Service Record.
Pg. 17: Private Fred Kowalski, 102nd Battalion, Service Record.
Pg. 17: Private Harry Gittleson, C.A.M.C., Service Record.
Pg. 19: Private David Henry McCann, C.M.G.C., Service Record.
Pg. 23: Signaller Joseph Laird Dowgray, 13th Battalion, Service Record.
Pg. 27: *Signaller R. Howe, Canadian Field Artillery.
Pg. 28: Private Oliver Andrew Ferguson, 98th Battalion, Service Record.
Pg. 37: Private William Albert Pappa, 46th Battalion, Service Record.
Pg. 38: Private Charles Crawford Hutchins, Royal Canadian Regiment, Service Record.
Pg. 39: Private Walter Mellick Wood, 134th/48th, Service Record.
Pg. 40: Sapper Harmon Leslie Cleveland, Canadian Engineers, Service Record.
Pg. 41: Private Sydney Wallace Kenderdine, 123rd Battalion, Service Record.
Pg. 43: Private Edward Allan Edson, 244th Battalion, Service Record.
Pg. 44: Captain Willmot Edward Lenox Sparks, C.A.M.C., Service Record.
Pg. 45: Gunner Thomas Hatherton Howard Fortier, 4th Canadian Siege Battery, Service Record.

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