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Date: July 22nd 1944
Sister - (Mildred Flynn)
Lawrence Drewry

F/Lt Drewry J8629
294 Sqdn RAF. ME

Dearest twin:-

Your June 30 and July 8th are both in front of me so here’s a few lines. Marys 241 and 243 came the day before yesterday and Mums 242 and 244 came today. Had one from Andy dated 2/7 the first one for some time but than of course I haven’t written for a long time. I wrote to Crosbies and Nellie Hamilton today as there were quite a few letters not answered.

I’m sitting on a chair in my underpants getting some sun, (out beside our tent). Gosh will I be glad to live in a house again with a [pucher?] bed and clean sheets regularily. Almost two years in tents now except for an occasional two or three weeks break. I’ll join the gypsies when I get home. The wind is blowing so strong I can’t read your letters so I hope I don’t forget to answer any questions. I see you don’t encourage Mr. Gilbert by talking Mary into going to shows, didn’t realize the old boy was 61 yrs old, he sure doesn’t act it sometimes. Too bad the haying weather has been bad just B.C. again; you should try Egypt, never rains in the summer, of course all the ground here is a mixture of salt and sand so not much grows except palm trees. Our tent is tied to a palm tree and the dates are within reach of my bed; however they wont be ripe for some time. They hang in huge clusters, green clustered like grapes, on yellow stems like a broom tree. This tree is just a wee one almost 12’ high. Some behind are 50’-60’ high. did I tell you I’ve a radio in my tent, a portable job runs on dry batteries 110V A.C. or 220V A.C. or D.C. quite a convertible type. Oh yes my back is really brown I’ve been out in the sun so much today, and other days, with just a bathing suit on, don’t even wear a hat and it’s about 112° in the shade. I sure don’t like to think of B.C. weather again.

There goes one of Marys letters across the [?] so I’ll have to [“igree” ?], and catch it. Glad to hear you are feeling fine and don’t listen to doc Brae, my guess about whether it’s a boy or girl is just as good as his. It was nice John could get a short leave home, sorry I’m not at the same station I could help out quite a lot in the matter of rides, I even arrange here for rides for strangers or near strangers. I can just imagine John – Elsie Westerlands’ “John” telling the C.O. about having his letter censored, gosh what a joke must have really hurt the Colonels or Majors feelings. Take things easy sis and don’t think up a name for John Junior too soon.

So long – my love to you all.

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