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Date: June 25th 1944
Sister - (Mildred Flynn)
Lawrence Drewry

F/Lt. L.J. Drewry
J8629 CAN.
294 Squadron RAF.
ME. F.

Dear twin:-

Your May 27, 21st and June 3rd are here in front of me and ther’s lots I haven’t answered but I won’t make any excuses. You mention the weather being cold when John had leave. Golly I hate to think of coming back to B.C. weather. Now I’m out of the desert this warm weather is lovely. It doesn’t rain at all so every day is clear and sunny, with a nice sea breeze.

You have an account of my leave sis so you probably think I spent it foolishly but you see transport to Palestine was not available and Luxor is too hot now it’s only nice in winter. That just left Alexandria so after thinking it over I decided to stay with Jimmy Trotter and Knobby and see the part of Alex you hear about viz the night life and entertainments such as boating swimming and theatres. Honestly ther’s no other available entertainments.

one thing I forgot we visited a place called the Mediterranee and Jimmie was picked up by an old woman of about 50 I’d say. She was a lovely dancer and may have just been lonely though I think perhaps she’s what we all call, “around the bend,” (means crazy.) It’s a common symptom of anyone who has spent much time in the desert and of course ther’s lots of varying degrees. I think she must have been a bad case because she told him her room number and asked him to come up and listen to the late news. Knobby and I of course prevented her from hitting Jimmie on the head with a club and taking him home with her. Guess we should have told her to go peddle her radio programme somewhere else when she first asked us to dance but Jimmie is very polite and well mannered so tries not to embarass anybody.

So you are going to increase my relatives soon are you dear, good show, I’m very please about it. Certainly I’m not worried, I know you will take care of yourself and will be O.K. Harry won’t tell me anyhow or anyone else I’ve not answered any of their last letters as yet but its not worrying me overmuch. Last night we had an Ensa show also a squadron dance. I was on duty so had to skip the dance but went to the ensa show. It was very good in parts, but a large percentage was very off colour jokes. Five men and five women artists. Guess you know the type of joke I mean eg. a girl buying a braziere at the black market in England when told she’d have to pay ten bob for one, says I will not I’ll see em swing first, etc. We get a lot of that kind in service shows. Well this darn thing is full so I’ll have to say cherio for now. –

My love to you as always

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