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Date: January 31st 1944
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

F/Lt. L.J. Drewry
J8629 CAN.
294 sqdn.
R.A.F. ME.

Hello Dear:-

Guess you are still in your own place with John but I’ll adress this home and they can send it on. I’ve lots of your letters to answer, about five came at one time so they must have been held up somewhere. Can’t remember the dates so though I’d best write you today or else you’ll think none of them have reached me.

Ther’e really not much to tell. Had a letter from Cousin Marjorie, Miss Martin, Percys, Mrs. Robertson and Betty, and from a pal of mine at Benghazi today.

Also received a letter from Mary today Jan. 13 No. 193. so that one was quite quick. When you consider its’ been to the squadron first and then down here its very good. Mary says the silk stockings finally arrived so tho I’m sorry they aren’t better quality still it’s the best I could get here and I’m glad they arrived. The ones I sent before that you didn’t get were much better quality but now the choice is nearly nil.

Well now lets see ther’s not much to tell you really. I’ve just had a hot shower. The water is only hot about once or twice a week so ther’s quite a rush when it is good. When I came here I forgot to pack my socks only brought two pairs, then I decided to go to the officers shop and get some but we have been in quarantine so thats out. I lent Charles Morrant a pound a few days ago so to get even I’ve borrowed a pair of K.D. stockings from him. No it’s too cold for shorts but thats the only kind of socks he has.

one of our instructors who teaches lecturing methods etc looks and talks for all the world like Mr. Bracewell used to. Even has the same mustache though of course he is not more than 35 yrs old. Another one of the boys here on the course is sort of slow to catch on and we have a lot of fun out of his remarks, everything he does goes wrong but reckon he’ll be O.K. before exams come along.

I wrote Mary a letter for her Birthday a couple of days ago so hope she gets it in time. Sure seems a long time since I joined up doesn’t it 3yrs this month. Guess John thinks so too doesn’t he??

Gosh mums birthday is next month 18th so I’ll sure have to get busy and do some shopping. Honestly I get tied up with organizing loop swings, radio repairs lectures in A/c recco and now a new job I’ve trained for. I just seem to work my 8 to five and then don’t bother writing letters. Maybe if I organize some help I can find more time when I get back to the sqdn.

Oh did you hear from Andy’s brother lately?? He told me he was having a bit of a change somewhere near port Said. He said he could see ships in the harbour if there were any from his bedroom window; and it looked funny to see a big ship going down or up the Canal as even from close up you can’t see the water and the Ship sits up well above the ground just like it was going along on top of the ground looks so out of place to see a ship and land all around.

As for Jack Hughes I owe him a letter so don’t expect to hear from him for some time unless I get ambitious and scratch him off an answer.

Gosh sis I can’t think of any more news so I’ll have to stop. My vaccination for smallpox looks to be a wee bit red but not very noticeable and its 3 days now so I’m hoping it festers soon or the MO will be giving me another to make sure.

How’s John liking the change of work? Is he happy at it??

Sorry to hear Mr. Smith is not very well he’s no so young though is he??

The light is bad and I’m holding the pad on my knee so hope you can read the scrawl.

Anyhow it’s your twin signing off so her’s my love to you and John.

PS. the parcel I mentioned long ago of the old Blue suit should be on the way now so maybe in a couple of months you’ll have it to work on. I sent it to Mum just in case you were on the move. Anyhow its full of sand and grease so needs a good wash.

Again Cherio
My love

[added at top of first page:] P.S. Forgot to say thanks again for your parcel everything in it was very conveniently useful

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