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Date: 1943
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

P/o L.J. Drewry
J8629 RCAF.

Dear Mildred:-

I’m still on leave in Cairo and though not very busy still I’ve got to know the city quite well. (Should have as I’ve been here a week now.). Things are just as expensive as I’d expected. They have gone up a lot recently.

So far I’ve spent £45, or over $200 in 2½ weeks leave so when it’s over I’ll have spent £60. I haven’t much to show for it really either but have visited most of the things I’d wanted to see and bought a few things. Syria is the nicest place to go but my French isn’t good enough yet. Even in Cairo French is a big help and I only know a little so guess I’ll have to get busy. Silk stockings are still $7.00 a pair and not so good now either but I’m sending you a couple of pair just in case you can’t get them. In fact I posted them (registered) this AM. Also a couple of photos I had taken in Alex. (they are so bad I wouldn’t want to send any to anyone but you ha ha) No fooling you can see them but just cause they are no use to me. However I had some nice ones taken and sent home so if you want a good one of me let them know at home. I sent two full plate and three half plate home. In all six pounds sunk if I loose them just on photos.

I also sent some silver napkin rings made by a silversmith in, [“Aley.”?] He is an old man but does quite nice work (sent these to mum) a few days ago. Then too I bought a few things for myself viz. a wrist watch (my good one had an accident and I didn’t like to tell mum in case she’d worry) (quite a long time ago) I was in a plane when it had to ditch in the water so the salt just ruined the watch. Anyhow this one is the same as Sels and he has good satisfaction out of his. I also got 14 yds. of drill for some summer kit I needed a pair of shoes, a mouth organ (the one Mary sent wasn’t very good.) Shirts K.D. and a few smaller articles I needed.

Also a small Japanese dictionary and a pocket atlas.

Well honey that just about covers the time I’ve spent in Cairo unless that I’ve seen all the shows in town and been to a couple of concerts one Beethoven and one Bach and church.

Hope this finds you as well as it leaves me and my best regards to John.

Love –


[Editor’s note: The envelope’s postmark has been used for dating the letter's year.]

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