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Date: November 6th 1943
Sister - (Mildred Flynn)
Lawrence Drewry

F/o L.J. Drewry
J8629 CAN.
294 sqdn. RAF. ME.

Dear twin:-

I’ve stacks of letters here in front of me so guess if I answer your seven in one you will forgive me. Anyhow they are a good tonic so they aren’t wasted, dates are Aug. 17th, Sept. 3rd, Sept. 9th, 16th, 24th, 30th and (Oct 14th which came today. Thanks for all the news anyhow sis and I won’t comment on much of it but I’ve read them all carefully so don’t think they aren’t being digested. Three AMLCs are so short though I’ll go on to my news shortly. I mailed a few parcels to you people recently, one adressed to you, one to Mary and one to Mum. Sorry about those stockings never arriving. I left them at the Cairo officers club for mailing and requested they be registered but they never gave me any receipt for them and when I came back from Tripoli last May and June I inquired but they had no record so guess I’m out the three pounds on that lot. However these parcels are all registered.

I’m getting organized again now but still am quite busy – training program to organize, mess bills and business to fix up and maintenance of telephone lines and wireless equipment to keep an eye on. Did I tell you our C.O. was now a S/Ldr.? My pilot is a very nice chap and has all the clues, makes a very great difference. I have every confidence in him (you can tell first time if a pilots good or bad.) He is a F/Lt. Harcourt, just got a D.F.C. this week. Sure feels good to get off the ground again, I eat more and sleep better after a trip believe it or not. Grant is just across the drome from me or I hope so (saw one of their kites blow up and haven’t heard who was aboard yet) Don’t think it would be his pilot though. Andrews brother remember him had his leave cancelled recently and he tells me he’s down near Alex now and expects to stay put for some time. He was recalled because of a bad accident in which four people were burnt badly and one had broken arms, one a broken back, caused by a plane pranging a lorry. I knew the pilot a rather nice welshman. He nearly fainted when he was well enough to be told he’d killed 10 and wounded four of the truck passengers. Anyhow thats the yarn.

When I went to Cairo some time ago I managed to talk the R.C.A.F. out of a radio free gratis for use of Canadians on the unit, so we have a very nice portable radio now. I sure must say the fruit cake Mum and Mary sent was lovely, yes I ate it or at least part of it. As a matter of fact four of us assisted and I’m to convey the approval of the rest of the crew, The flashlight is 100% useful and the batteries are fine. Haven’t tried the honey or cookies but the nuts are nearly gone. Think thats all I’ve massacred as yet. oh before I forget ther’s an old suit of Sels in one of my boxes which he was throwing away when I rescued it for you. Its awful dirty with grease etc. but if you send it to the cleaners it will be O.K. to remake for John or something maybe. I’ll post it in two halves this week.

So long and my love to you all,

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