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Date: November 2nd 1943
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

F/o L.J. Drewry
J8629 CAN.
294 Sqdn.

Dear sister Mildred:

I’ve just finished a letter to Mum Mary and dad so her’s different news for you to pass along. Had a very tiring train ride from Jerusalem to Cairo but when I got there at 730 AM my day was just beginning. I dashed up to Barclays Bank to cash a cheque (I’d taken one from an army chap who couldn’t draw on his pay for some reason you won’t be interested in). It was good so I wasn’t gypped. Then I went to the officers club for a bite to eat, then to R.C.A.F. H.Q. and took out a $1000 bond to be paid for by six monthly payments of $1800 docked from my pay and also wrote a checque for $50000 for more bonds bought for cash so you can expect to see $50000
debit on my Vancouver account and a bond will be sent to mum for that much followed later by a $10000 one. Next I got me a radio set bucksheesh from RCAF H.Q. then went to Claridges hotel to get some stuff I’d left. The hotel had moved out and taken my stuff to Heliopolis so I was browned off and got on the train for Alex. There I met Charles Morrant an Ex 47. type and we had a good chat. About 10 A.M. I heard our [censored] outfit were having a party so i decided to get a ride. Well needless to say it was 3 AM before I got to bed so was I ever tired. It’s good to be back on the job again anyhow.

Next day the C.O. called me in to inform me I’d not be flying only but would also have a job of signals officer. Well that means a good deal of work so I’ll have to rustle to keep up on my letters. Got 42 yesterday, forgot to say about one from Mrs. Ansell, one from O.M. Darrell. [Illys?] Darrell from Bermuda. Gave my adress to her brother a Sub. Lieut. in the Navy. He wrote me saying he’s around so I no doubt will see him. Also have a letter somewhere around from Aunt Lizzie but so far haven’t had time to read it. Glad to hear Andrew has a 7½ lb. baby daughter, Auntie Mildred and aunt Mary ha, ha. Hows Granny bearing up? Puts ten years on pop to say grandpa. Anyhow you might convey Uncle Lawrences congratulations when you see the proud pappa. So long sis,

My love to you and all,

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