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Date: September 22nd 1943
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

F/o L.J. Drewry
J8629 CAN.

Dear Mildred:-

Just as I finished my letter to you all yesterday the mail arrived. A birthday card from Mary posted Aug 5th and also letter No.153 and yours of Aug 26th. Yours tells me about how John had been posted north so cleared up that question mark. So Paytons were out – did they walk up?? Why don’t you go stay at Ediths and Andy’s for a while then John would find it easier to get off long enough to run down. I’m not exactly fishing now sis. I’m in a long range A/c which goes searching for people in trouble and drops them food, water, dinghy’s, etc. by parachute. Then we tell other people where they are and how to get them; I used to go get them till Bleby crashed our A/c.

Mary says she got my A.L.C. of Aug 6th, I’m glad it went so quickly. Funny about me being missing. I feel quite O.K., guess someone just thought its’ time I answered their letters. Oh well I’ll get ambitious someday soon. Wouldn’t say the habit of command makes one more grown up or mature Mary, more likely the hot climate, continual though nearly unnoticeable strain. (Did I tell you about night before last??) we went to a show but it was very poor, (can’t remember the name as we were late and I didn’t see it announced but Mickey Rooney was in it,) we came home and I was making a Dagwood Bumstead sandwich when there was a flash like lightening, then a bang and bits of shrapnel buzzing about. Just a plane crashed on take off and the bombs went up. Six of a crew. Bleby went to see it but I went to bed (I don’t go for ghoulish thrills.) I heard it was almost too much for him and the sight of some bloody clothes near the fire made him nervous again (after his accident he couldn’t control his face muscles, was twitching very bad.)

Well no more gory details (they were still collecting bits and pieces yesterday P.M.) but you see what I mean. Even though one gets used to it, and sort of callous to it, its in my opinion bound to age one gradually and unconsciously no matter how good the nerves.

Yes I remember Bill James though didn’t know he was so close to our area. I used on 47 to fly around that area though not closer than 100 miles then back again to base. Still 100 mi isn’t much and it was from there Cunninghams outfit used to come out and meet us and take over our patrol. Now of course I’m a long way away. Andy’s brother has recently changed to flying about in a Wellington so gets longer trips. Says he’s not very enthusiastic but finds them quite comfortable. I think he preferred his old job with Sel and Geoff but still this is easy and not at all risky so maybe it’s got points.

My love to you all once again –

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