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Date: August 26th 1943
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

F/o L.J. Drewry
J8629 CAN.

Dear Mildred:-

Your letter of July 26 came today darling so I’ll send this to Whonock for re-addressing. I’m so pleased John is to be moved west, though I had a feeling he would be ever since you mentioned it being a possibility. Hope you left a forwarding adress for ther’s quite a few letters addressed to 57-2nd Avenue dates 20/8/43 -18/8/43 - 1/8/43 2/8/43 - 29/7/43 You may have had the more previous ones I’m not sure of the date and am to lazy to hunt them up. However ther’s not so many in July I know that in fact I think 9/7/43 was the one previous. – So you and John do a bit of fishing – wish I could but all the rivers dry up in the summer here and leave a wadi or gully bone dry. That picture you mentioned was taken when I was in Misurata in about April or May. we had a lovely beach to swim at, though quite in undertow when the surf was pounding in. Thats where I mentioned towing the dead Indian to shore before going in one day. Hope you get your silk stockings Mums table napkin rings were posted at the same time.

As for myself since the last letter I’ve been busy setting up in the housekeeping line myself. Laid in a stock of cold lambs tongue, grapefruit tined beans beef and kidney pie jam, milk and cocoa. We make a lot of our own meals but of course its’ not much but out of the tin. Ther’s no mess here, just a kitchen trailer and we take a plate over for our mess, usually bully beef or something not [missing – page corner torn off ] better. I’m expecting our extras will cost [missing] $1500 a week but it’s quite a help. [missing] still have over £15-x- of my mess [missing] so I’ve written and asked for some but so far no results. I don’t need it only ther’s a lot of people moving out so I’d like to make sure they don’t forget they owe it to me. I’ve sure moved about a lot recently but the funny part is I’m back where I was a month ago only with a different unit. Andy’s brother is at some place called Derna don’t know if you know it or not. Sort of quiet he says, a nice town but not much spare time to enjoy it. Grant is still O.K. but ther’s no news yet from Jeff or Sel. However I see by reports they have been very busy so maybe they haven’t got around to writing. (I’ve written 43 letters in Aug. and more in June and about 41 in July.) So expect lots of mail soon. I’m going to make my bed now and move it in out of the sun so will say bye bye. Be sure to give me your new adress and you might tell Mum about where Andys Brother is at the moment. Say hello to John for me and send your new adress


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