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Date: August 18th 1943
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

F/o L.J. Drewry
J8629 CAN.

Dear Mildred:-

Your letter of July 2nd came a few days ago but I’ve been so upset with moving about I’ve not had a chance to answer it. This letter is the one telling about your trip to ontario and takes me back 20 months when I was there for a visit. You were impressed much the same as I by the relatives and I must say of all the younger relatives Dauphine, Zella, June and Marie seemed the most sensible. I thought June very shy but quite nice. Edna is also as you say less colourful than some of the others but not a bit as I’d expected. She was very nice to me and very cheerful.

Islay is also a favourite of mine though very quiet and reserved. Funny you know but I can’t remember seeing Bert Fell when I was there I think the weather must have been too bad. Gordon did pull a dirty trick or rather his girl did to take him away from home at a time like that. Was Wilma’s daughter home? – She had a boy friend on her lap when I saw her so maybe she’s married now. Someday I hope to see them all again and have loner to stay. – Since last I wrote you I’ve been moving about quite a lot, one day one place, two another and will have to move again in a few days. I’ll be glad though cause the flies here are fierce millions of them on the food crawling all over me as I try to write this and in general making life mizerable. Besides the kitchen here is very dirty so I’m not at all pleased. We had a wizard place before coming here – peaches on the tree just outside our house and grapes (sweet) growing all over. our C.O. visited us last night, and has promised us leave when we go back [missing – page corner torn off] though that may be some time yet. [missing] very much of a disciplinarian and we all [missing]im, Wilbur,” to his face – (thats his first [missing].

Well I can’t really think of any more news though of course I’ve had a haircut today, taken my shoes to be fixed and a few more odd jobs

Had 17 letters last mail – (3 days ago) (1) Cristine Aldridge, (1) Harry and Marg. (3) Gladys (2) A. Crosbie, (4) Mum and Mary, (1) Andy, (1) Grant Greer (3) Agnes Heavysege (1) Alwyn (1) Mildred Flynn. So I’ve quite a lot to catch up on. At the moment I’m living in an old fort which has been used as a stable and doesn’t smell very good, while around are smashed tanks trucks and crashed aircraft and bomb dumps (enough to blow us off the map if they went up) all of course german stuff left behind and no use to us. Remember the place I said we wanted to visit the time we took our own aircraft in May and sent snaps of the coast?? That will be in a hot spot one of these days and I’m hoping now Sicily is finished Italy will see the danger of her position and fold up. Anyhow you can be sure things are only a matter of time and I sure hope John doesn’t have to move anywhere but west it would be just lovely if he could go home but mums the word and I’ve seen enough of the airforce not to feel too hopeful until it actually has happened. Still – “hope springs eternal” – etc. Well sister guess I’ll have to wish you and John all the best again and say so long again –

My love

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