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Date: August 2nd 1943
Mildred & John Flynn - (sister & brother-in-law)
Lawrence Drewry

L.J. Drewry
J8629 CAN.

Dear Mildred and John:-

two more of your letters arrived today Sis – one May 30 and one June 5th so guess ther’s quite a few on the way somewhere. Had eleven letters from home today the most recent July 7th – three weeks – so I’ve been busy reading all the news. The oldest one was Feb. 21st. Also had letters from Percy’s, Aunt Jane Drewry, Esther McIntyre, Joan Chappen – (If ever you stop in Calgary be sure to call there – you’ld love them – adress is 304 – 12th St. N.W. not far from No 2 wireless school on North Hill), Agnes Heavysege and a notice about more cigarettes in England for me. Don’t say who from and none have arrived as yet thank goodness. (I will probably find it’s someone I don’t know well and will have to write.)

You sound very happy sweetheart – (thank goodness there may be a chance of John being posted home.) Esther Says – “Your sister is certainly a dear, something like yourself.” She’s a little tease but I found the two of them quite nice. Gladys also said they had seen you. Sorry I forgot yours and Johns anniversary but I still can’t remember when you were married though I know you will forgive me but let me know sometime and I’ll try to remember it next time.

Andys brother is not on Beauforts any more so of course is quite a lot safer now though he says beauforts are good aircraft and not more dangerous than any other providing you have a cool headed pilot who understands them. However he’s on a sort of rest on supermarine [Walrus?] one of the oldest safest aircraft in the operational lists of the airforce. It counts as a rest although it’s still operational.

Recently I had a chance to visit Cyrene maybe you’ve read about the old Roman Ruins there. Cyrene used to be the capitol city of the districts including Apollonia, Derna, Talmetta, [Gamluet?]. There are only a few small parts excavated maybe a couple of square miles here and there but you can see the old greek amphitheatre which had been somewhat remodelled by the Romans. Ther’s a collisseum there and baths and funily enough the old Roman toilettes one large one medium and one small in rows Mama Papa and baby bear. Then ther’s bags of empty tombs probably [?] the turks and [?] 400 AD. How the Romans got all the marble and stuff over I don’t know must have been hard work. Most of the stonework is local stone but still stands up.

I saw this mostly from the air so will try someday to go and visit it at more length. It sort of recalls my latin history to mind.

I was awakened at 2 AM to get ready for an early take off as someone was in the drink so am a bit sleepy but otherwise 100% as usual. Each morning before breakfast I’ve started for a run but find it soon developes into a walk. I last about a mile at a trot so guess I’m still alive

Well Cheriè looks as though we needn’t look for a reunion this year but some time in the future no doubt there will be an end to the war if not any leave before then. And I mean the near future. Another person who would love to meet you if you stop in Calgary at anytime is Christine Aldridge Teds wife at 2113 - 16A St. W. Calgary Alta. I know its not likely you will but if you do they are very nice folk with the same interests C.G.i.t. groups etc etc.

So long sis and love as ever to you and John –

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