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Date: July 9th 1943
Mildred & John Flynn - (sister & brother-in-law)
Lawrence Drewry

F/o L.J. Drewry
J8629 CAN.
R.A.F. M.E.F.

Dear Mildred and John:-

My last to you was an airgraph 25/6/43. So here’s the, “Gen,” since then. I left the delta about the 1st of July and came back up the blue so I’m in tents again in a dirty dusty spot but ther’s good swimming so I get cleaned off once a day. My pilot is a navy type S/Lieut Oldknow from Epping??? or some such place in Yorkshire. Anyhow he’s very pleasant but inclined to be wild when he goes out to navy parties. He’s a good pilot and we have a nice safe but rather boring life. However I had 14 letters today and yesterday and a McLeans magazine so I’m feeling very pleased at the moment. Had three letters from home one Oct. 19/42 and 2 in May this year so guess I’ll be getting old letters for all this year. Had some Christmas cards today too but there can’t be many more to come. I brought some canned grapefruit in the delta and a carton of P.K. (chickletts) also some lamb tongues (small tins 12 oz) at $.90 Ca. the grapefruit was 50¢ a tin. But up here it’s sure nice to have some extras. Guess you knew my kit caught up to me or half of it (I still haven’t got my camera and a lot of other stuff.) My accounts are gradually getting straightened out too so I find I’ve quite a bit to send home when it’s all fixed up.

Well anyhow I’m now settled in tents again in a hot dusty part of Africa but I’ve been here before and it’s not as bad as some places. Ther’s a Canadian F/o on this outfit whose been out here since 1940 so it looks as though ther’s not much hope of getting home for some time yet.

I’ve seen some very good shows recently on the camp and at nearby camps and yesterday we made a baskett lunch and took it to the beach with us – boy it was nice. I’m not sure how hot it was today but water in a can in front of our tent got so hot I couldn’t put my hands in it to wash. Ther’s still lots of big grashoppers about the size of locusts but they aren’t as bad as they were when I passed through here a month ago. At that time the air was thick with them and you couldn’t walk without getting hit in the face with them. Now ther’s quite a few but mostly on the ground,– not flying about.

The meals here are poor but so far I’ve done O.K. with the extra things I bought in the delta. I spent about $5000 on grub and stuff but it won’t last very long so I hope we get to a shopping centre again in a month or so. I’ve a lot of clothes I can’t use out here but it’s not easy to send bulky parcels through the mail or I’d send some of them to you to fix for John. However I’ll enquire and if possible I’ll send them along sometime. Too bad John’s so tall though. I’ve no idea of course [added in pencil at top of new page: “July 9/43”] if I can send it – maybe shipping space is limited – but I’ll try.

Well Sis guess you’ve had the news or rather rambling commentary so I’ll just give you a few more bits and fold up for this time. Did you see in one of my letters that Andrews brother was now on some out of date plane called a “Walrus”? It seems to land ok on sea or on land and is very slow and safe. Had a letter from Jack Hughes mother dated 1st of June, one from Joan Chappen one from Ella Millar one from Alwyn one from Mrs. Robertson, one from uncle Jim and Aunt Annie, three from Mum and Mary, four from Anna Crosbie one from Kathy Crosbie one from the bank of Montreal London and can’t think who all else at the moment.

Anyhow none from you since last I wrote so hope you and John are both keeping well as I of course am. My love to you as always sweetheart, I’ll be good and I’ll be back. – So long again

Love to both of you

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Original Scans