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Date: May 13th 1943
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

P/o L.J. Drewry
J8629 RCAF.
47 sqdn. RAF.

Dear Mildred:-

I got another air letter from you yesterday so will answer with one by pan am. My airgraphs are quite fast but other mail not so good. The latest one from home was 28/4/43 so it just took 14 days so maybe ther’s going to be an improvement.

I’ve had a very nice leave and have been back to work now for three days. As you will see we have now finished the African Campaign. It ended yesterday in our favour so three cheers it’s one step nearer.

I’ve had a very pleasant time while on leave playing tennis, soft ball and swimming. Guess you will be thinking I spent a lot of money nearly $400.00 but still I saw a good deal of the country. However the last week was very hot indeed.

I got a good tan but now it’s a bit cool again so I’m afraid I may lose it. However we were down swimming yesterday and had a nice time though a jelly-fish stung me and made my face swell a bit. Apart from swimming so far I’ve just read mail and done a bit of work on our tent. There were some fleas in it so we had to get rid of them then ther’s all these letters to answer.

I sent you some stockings and I hope they don’t charge you duty on them, thers only two pair so if they want too much duty don’t bother about them. I had about eight letters from home six or so from Howwood in Scotland, some from Teds Aunt, Margaret Muir, Aunt Maggie, Aunt Jane Drewry, Dot and Angus, Percys, Miss Martin, Olivers, Chappen’s, Pat Rolley, Agnes Heavysege, Jack Hughes, Joan Hughes, and a parcel from the Canadian Legion. All our folks seem to be keeping well, thank goodness but I guess Mum Dad and Mary are working very hard and it’s getting close to dads birthday so I’ll have to tell Mary to get him something for me.

Hello darling I’m a bit slow in finishing this letter but I stopped to go swimming and didn’t get started again. Then when I’d had a swim I got me a hair cut. Today we were up at six A.M. as usual then had breakfast and went flying. After we came back we fixed our tent up again, tightened the ropes tidied the interior and washed the dirty dishes. Sel and I did most of this. Then I washed some dirty towells and hung them out to dry. Since then I’ve played the mouth organ for a short time and now here I am. As a rule ther’s some work to do on the squadron to help fill in the time but today we are having it easy and tonight are having a victory supper. This means we use up all the good things we can find for a specially good feed but even so I expect the main delicacy is rabbit stew. At least I saw them killing rabbits. I have to go flying now sis so guess I’ll close it’s just a few minutes for a test but it’s a nuisance.

Bye sweetheart

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