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Date: 1942
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

[first page/s missing]

non-existent here now, the Brides here can’t ice their cakes either. Tea biscuits called rich full flavour taste like sawdust etc etc etc etc.

Mum and Mary are probably feeling very bad about losing you but by now I hope you are all settled and have John whipped into shape. I suppose you have him bring in the coal and wood at night and get your breakfast in the morning and he takes you to a show when the dishes have been dryed and put away at night. Ah me isn’t love grand. But you know these Airforce husbands need cracking down on hard at first to get them used to dicipline; then you can ease up a bit and save the steam for auspicious occasions once they know who swings the meanest rolling pin.

Let me know how things are from the inside looking out so I can sort of keep up my guard and bring up reinforcements if its not too nice. I have quite a time you know as Ted is married and won’t admit its anything but bliss and continues to hunt nice girls to amuse me hoping no doubt to snare a catch one of these days. Well enough foolishness for now.

Ted had a birthday on July 7th and Mrs. Millar his aunt made us a dumpling The scotch don’t make cakes for birthdays but instead make dumplings (you know, a pudding like plum pudding steamed).

We also had a bit of a Party and sing song. Then when Ted was Posted I went to Loch Lomond for a sail etc. Next I helped Ella and Mrs. Millar with the house cleaning then off to Paisley. Though I did go up the Clyde Valley to see the strawberry fields.

At Paisley I visited the friends of Hamiltons and went here and there to the little spot Grandma was born at then for a walk and a P.M.s duck hunting at Loch Winnoch. Yesterday I went for a sail up the Clyde to Dunoon and then by bus to Largs a summer resort. Phooey this is awful I’ll say so long and lay off for a spell. Best of everything for you and John.

Love –


[Editor’s note: Address and date information is missing but the letter’s contents indicate it was written to Mildred in 1942.]

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Original Scans