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Date: September 3rd 1942
Mildred & John Flynn - (sister & brother-in-law)
Lawrence Drewry

P/O L.J. Drewry
J8629 R.C.A.F.
Base Post office
Sept 3rd/42

Dear Mildred and John :-

As usual I’m behind in my writing but like you John I’ve been busy night and day. The weathers been foul but we fly quite a bit. The dentyne gum wasn’t snitched sis and I did enjoy it. My chocolate ration is two bars a week and since rationing of sweets I do much better than before I get it every week now instead of when I’m first in the queue.

Sounds like you get some thunder storms in ottawa. Funny as Mary’s letter came today too and she mentions a thunder storm. She should have her xray reports by now, sure hope its O.K. this time. I get my inoculations again for yellow fever, typhoid, tetanus (lock jaw) and any others I need so can do with some sympathy in a few weeks time sort of looks as though it would spoil my leave. Quite a few accidents here lately and so we are short of some things all fatal ones too sometimes two sometimes four. I was talking to Len Lindsay last night at 5.P.M. and he was going on leave as soon as he did one more trip. I hear this morning he smacked into a mountain. I’ve known him over a year. I haven’t heard from Ted for a good while but presume he is busy. Todays mail brought your No 11., one from Alwyn and one from Mary. Yesterday I got two from Montreal one from Calgary one from Andy one from Mary one from mum and a note from London Eng. so have a bit of work today.

This is a day of prayer so we had church parade commemorating of course our declaration of war. Believe me sis I see lots of halloween fireworks free over here. Even the searchlights at night shining through the clouds are beautiful to watch, though if your in the wrong place they are uncomfortable too.

I had a good time at Nellie Hamiltons and Jen her cousin kit me a pair of socks. I got a pair Mary knit too and also another pair from a girl in Montreal so I’ll have to do lots of running and where I’m going I think shorts will be the order so I won’t need woolen socks except to sleep in at night.

Well sis I’m O.K. busy but well and being good so guess that covers the news. As always my best wishes to you both –


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