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Date: June 2nd 1942
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

P/o L.J. Drewry
J8629 RCAF.
Base P.O. Eng.
June 2nd/42.

Dear Mildred:-

Sorry little girl I owe you two letters or more but you know how scarce news is just now. At any rate I have all yours and Andys letters now including those sent to B–. I’m pleased about your job Mildred so heres hoping it lasts longer than you expect. I just got Marys of May 6th and one via air mail from Harry May 17th and he says Andy Anderson is dead. Mary said he was very poorly but H. said he died last week so I guess Mrs. Anderson will be quite upset.

You and Andy seem to get home quite often for week ends and no doubt a few pay days like last will make it easier. My mess bill here is going to be ten pounds this month so I have to go and make sure the accounts are depositing it to my credit then by May 15 I’ll be all straightened out and will sign over the 25 I promised you. That will make it the end of June before you get it so hope its’ in plenty of time. Harry got his dad to send me several adresses some in Glasgow but they aren’t very clear. He gives me the name of the company etc. but no house adress so I can’t very well write before calling.

I’m sure glad Mary is so well but hope she has not been doing too much. She seemed quite surprised that I’d sent a cable to as she termed it mere aquaintances in Montreal but after all they were very good to me, I had several meals there and tea twice a week after badminton plus a week end skiing and Dryden one of the family in Quebec showed me around and took me to a Y Peoples sleigh drive etc. so I quite apreciate things like that when away from home. Not that I don’t get more consideration at home but then for mere acquaintances to treat you as one of the family makes life much brighter. At any rate 2s. and 6p. is only about 60¢ and I waste more than that each week so can’t see anything wrong with sending them a P.L.T. of course by now Mary will be thinking goodness knows what as I only wrote once a week for about three weeks but darn it ther’s so little to say and its so far away the news is always stale so that things I’d ordinarly put in seem to trivial to mention when you know its as least a month before they get them.

One thing they probably notice is my lack of mentioning church but thats one of my drawbacks here I cant get to church as we work all day sunday and if I go to church ther’s no way to get supper. There are no restraunts open (and even when they are you can’t get anything but fish and chips or sausage and chips) So until I get away from here sunday is my busy day. The easter parcel from the Whonock and Ruskin W.I. arrived today so though a bit late its welcome enough. Ted can smoke the cigarettes and use the razor blades, they don’t fit my razor and anyhow I’ve plenty of blades for more than a year.

Harry said Ivan told him he was called up so I guess he’ll be in the army soon, still why not he should be, probably do him good too.

Well sis its 8 P.M. now so I’d best get this finished. I wrote to cousin Mary, Gladys and aunt Lizzie from the flying section since dinner so don’t you think that was good for an afternoon. Ted had his final exams today so he will soon be going on leave. Oh well maybe we can have a week together. I gave Ted the cigarettes and razor blades this P.M. and he was quite pleased as fags are hard to get and he smokes quite heavily now to what he used to. I of course don’t smoke at all and its really quite a saving.

By the way you might tell Andy Ted met an L.A.C. Newbury from Haney B.C. who said he knew both he and I. I don’t remember him but I guess its Dirty Dalton so I’ll go look him up. If the pour devil is just an L.A.C. he hasn’t much future. Well cherio Sis my best regards to you and Andy


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