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Date: March 5th 1942
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

P/O L.J. Drewry
c/o R.A.F.F.C.
Darrell’s Is.
Mar. 5th/42

Dear Mildred:-

As you will notice my letters adressed to Whonock even if to you or Mary etc. are all numbered so you will know if you miss any. I can’t tell you anything about my work but here’s my play schedule to date and I took some pictures of the boys etc. I have three rolls of snaps not developed yet so thats why you haven’t got your snap, as to the letters I’m not as you insinuate “off the beam” I’m just seeing as much of each part of the country I go to as is possible and also trying to keep in good health and shape by compensating Idleness with sports.

Yesterday I spent the day getting paid and then went to a show plus a bicycle ride. Today we all went swimming. I first went to town and got a pair of shorts for badminton. I asked about the price of a pair of sports trousers and they were $1600 so I’m glad I got all I needed in Montreal. I have bathing trunks of course since coming here.

The water and beach was just as nice as ever and interesting things I never had a chance to do. Living like we do of course is very expensive as these places we go to are all booming or else tourist resorts and things are exorbitant. For example my laundry was 13/6 or about three dollars of canadian money and that was very cheap to what Id have paid if they did it at the hotel here. I had breakfast in bed one morning as [remainder of letter is missing]

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Original Scans