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Date: October 9th 1943
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
Hampton Gray

R.H. Gray Lt R.C.N.V.R.
Box 517, ℅ F.M.O.,
Kilindini, B.E.A.
Oct 9/43

Dear Mother and Dad,

There is an airgraph on the way telling you about my return from hospital so you will be able to let me know which is faster, that or this. I am now out and around again after a stay there which was really quite pleasant. As I have said before as hospitals go it is very good and I don’t mind now, the time I spent there. still it is nice to get out and around again. I am starting flying again on Monday. It is surprising how flying gets in the blood after a while so that a break in it makes you want to get back to it. Unfortunately my branch of flying gives little chance of peace time work. I am flying only single engined things and the industry will be full of pilots. I don’t think I would care to carry on in it anyway after the war. But we shall have to get it over before we start worrying about that. – I have just had a letter from Phyllis dated Sept. 4. That is the fastest for some time. She seemed to be having a grand time in Nelson and she made me wish I was there. I expect you will be sorry to have seen her and Jane go back to Calgary. We can all be pleased that she is close enough to pay an occasional visit. She says Jane is prettier but not as smart as Mary [?] but I don’t know about that until I get home – I got a letter from you the other day Mother in which you say you had had a card from Mr. Sutton. That was very nice of him. I didn’t realize that Bud had been talking of me to his family. I would have done the same thing as Bud and had leave if things had just come out a little differently for me. But I have explained all that before and you understand I think. The best way to look at it is that my leave is still to come so that we can all have it to look forward to. That will be a great day when I step off the train in Nelson. All I hope is that it is not leave but the end of this business so that I won’t sit there worrying about the end of leave and having to get back to work. Let’s all hope it will be soon. The C.O. is away on leave today and for the next ten days I will be in command here. It is quite a responsible position but things have been going so long now that I do not expect any snags. It should all run smoothly and I should have no difficulty in handling everything. Charlie, Mac Brown and myself are going to a place called Malindi on the twentieth for ten days sunbathing and swimming.

Much love to you both,
Your son,

[postscript at top of first page:] I hope you can read this letter I have written it very quickly

Original Scans

Original Scans

Page 1 of WWII letter of 1943-10-09 from Lt. Robert Hampton Gray, VC, DSC